Wednesday, June 24, 2009

revamped magazine files

last week i bought some white file folders at ikea, 5 for $2.99, and yesterday i finished revamping them with some vintage scrapbook paper i bought at robert's craft.

it was a fun project. see the results here:

all you need is:
plain magazine files
scrapbook paper
glue (i used scrappers' spray glue by creative imaginations)
mod podge
sponge brush

*trace each side of the magazine file onto the scrapbook paper.
*cut the scrapbook paper and glue it onto each side of the magazine file.
*make sure the scrapbook paper is glued on everywhere, especially on the edges.
*use the mod podge to seal the edges and the scrapbook paper.
*let the decorated magazine files stand until mod podge has dried.

have fun revamping your own magazine files!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

my latest project...

i went to ikea yesterday and bought a five pack of magazine files for $3.00, then to roberts and bought a bunch of cute scrapbook paper, and am currently working on transforming these white magazine files into beautifully decorated ones. photos of the final outcome will be posted soon... hopefully...